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CS-Cart 4.7.2 Lifetime License (1 Storefront)

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CS-Cart eCommerce Software is ready-to-use PHP and MySQL based software for online stores with open access to the source code. This solution with an easy-to-use interface allows you to start selling online immediately. Its feature set suits businesses of any size, from a small single-product shop to a full-featured online store with several independent storefronts. CS-Cart?s unique feature, Widget mode, is an ability to embed a CS-Cart-based online store into any web page (blog, personal site, or a company web page) that allows external JavaScript files.

CS-Cart eCommerce Features As Follows:

Ability to have lots of independent storefronts and one admin panel.

All created stores share a common database. It means that any product can be available for purchase in any storefront. Stock is automatically controlled.

Each storefront is an independent online store with its own domain name, design and configuration.

Flexible admin management. For example, it is possible to create different user groups with individually defined privileges.

Basic CS-Cart goes with one storefronts, each additional storefront can be acquired for an additional discount charge.

Shared customer database between all stores within one CS-Cart. Customer can register in one of your stores and his login details will work for other stores within CS-Cart edition.

Automatic detection of shopper's location. Choose the necessary setting and shoppers will be redirected to the appropriate region-specific storefront.

Individual settings for each storefront. Different stores within one CS-Cart edition can have different payment and shipping methods, taxes and other settings, etc.

And more CS-Cart Features

Unlimited number of products and categories.


Multiple languages.

Multiple currencies.

In-built Theme Editor.

Sophisticated Marketing and Promotional Tools.

Product return system.

Configurable Bulk Product Import/Export.

Automatic inventory control.

More than 20+ integrated payment gateways.

Ready from the Start

CS-Cart is a ?batteries included? solution. Right out of the box, you have all the necessary tools for a rapid start: the checkout system, built-in CMS, flexible product management, etc.

Just do some basic setup, add your products, and start selling!


CS-Cart is faster than most e-commerce solutions on the market, with no additional tuning necessary.

We invest a lot in performance and speed to deliver smooth and lag-free shopping experience to all visitors of the CS-Cart stores.

Multi-Store by Design

Multi-store management has never been easier. You can add as many storefronts as you need. The storefronts can be managed individually, each having its own design, products, and customers, or sharing the same customers or products.


The Twigmo mobile storefront is specially designed to deliver rich shopping experience under the limitations of a mobile screen. The Twigmo mobile admin panel allows you to manage your store right from your phone or tablet.

Eye-Candy Store

CS-Cart ships with a modern, beautifully designed storefront. Use one of the pre-installed design presets or create your own.

The built-in theme editor lets you to customize the look & feel of your store with no HTML or CSS knowledge required.

Powerful Admin Panel

The admin panel is a true gem. It is crammed with useful e-commerce features: promotion and marketing tools, integrations with major shipping and payment services, etc.

Over 50 add-ons are there for you by default.

Cloud-Powered Search

CS-Cart users enjoy super fast and smart product search, provided by Searchanise.

This service is available as a built-in add-on. It is free for small stores (with 25 products or less).

CS-Cart eCommerce Lifetime License! Exclusive to Resellers such as CS-Cart India (ABSSoft)!
Normally only available as a yearly subscription,ABSSoft can offer you a lifetime license for one time simple payment.